The Osann Family in America
The Osann Family in America
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The Osann Family in America

The Osann family in America welcomes you to Osann.org.  The purpose of this site is to allow today's family members to reconnect with one another and to share information and images of our common ancestors.  Your ideas, suggestions, and family updates are essential to the success of this site.  Additional functionality will be considered as the need arises.


The Osann family is of German origin, and the Osann surname can be found as far back as the 13th century.  Osanns living today trace their direct lineage to Stephan Ludwig Osann, a clergyman from the region of Thuringia who was born in 1640 and died in 1710.  A family tree published in Germany in 1950 places family members on both sides of the Atlantic in this lineage, and this work was augmented in 1990 with previously omitted names and a  narrative outline prepared by Karl Osann.  By occupation, the family has been well represented in the professions, with many pastors, engineers, and educators among its ranks, as well as doctors, lawyers, scientists, military officers, and business professionals.  The family connection, if any, to the village of Osann in the Mosel River valley is unknown.


Most Osann family members in the USA are descendants of Gottfried Osann (1822-1905), who emigrated with his wife, Bertha Hess Osann (1816-1907) in 1850 and worked as a druggist in Brooklyn, NY, for many years.  Others are descendants of Herman Osann (1878-1965) and his wife Katharina Vater Osann (1894-1988), who emigrated to Washington DC, in 1936.  Descendants of George Osan (b. circa 1849) of Albany County, NY, are probably related, but the connection has not yet been established.  This web site will also provide information as it becomes available on several families allied by marriage, including Vollmer, Reiner, Brandsema, Schweitzer, Calvert, Walton, and Ball.


After viewing the site, you are encouraged to sign our Guest Book.  Any contact information you supply will be kept strictly confidential.  Any information you supply on deceased family members may be shared with others as published additions to this site.

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